Who We Are

Our History

BEL-BAC International, Inc. was founded in south Florida in 1983 by two siblings. Rubinelson de la Torre and Belkis Obrer decided to incorporate the company after realizing the need in the aviation industry for quick response to parts and supplies, especially for small airline operators located outside the USA.

(We are preparing an indepth history, please come back soon, if you are interested in knowing our history)


What We Believe

Our business philosophy

We strive to help our customers acquired the parts and supplies they need to keep flying.

Everyone wants to have someone they can count on to help them in a time of need. In aviation, lead time is as important as price. We strive to be the best at both time and price.

Our goal is accomplished by working hard to ensure our customers are more than satisfied. We want our customers to feel that they got the best price and service in the market.


Why should you buy from us

Simple math. Numbers don't lie. Here is an example of how we save you money:

If you buy it on your own: List Price is $100. You might get a 20% discount if you buy direct from a distributor. You pay $80.

If you buy through us: List Price is $100. We get a 50% discount from most manufacturers and/or distributors (due to high volume and length of doing business) so we pay $50. You pay us $60 instead of $80 (40% discount from list price). We make $10 and you save $40 from list price. Everyone benifits from the transaction. It is why our customers keep coming back to us.

Our commitment is to you, our customers. We work for you, not for our suppliers. We serve as your voice in the United State of America. We make sure you are getting the parts you need, before they leave the USA.